Hot Water Systems

Hot Water Systems

What you need to know before buying.

Gas Storage Hot water Systems  V  Gas Continuous flow Hot Water Systems

hot water systemsWhich system is better? Choosing gas hot water systems if you don’t know anything about them can be difficult a stressful task. We can save you thousands of dollars by helping you decide on the right heater to suit your family’s needs as there are hundreds of different makes and models of hot water systems on the market, we will give you the information that you need to make a well judged decision.

Choosing the wrong hot water system could cost you thousands of dollars in uneccasary running costs over the life of your system.There are many Energy sources used to heat water, however the main ones are Natural Gas, L.P.Gas (Bottled gas) and  Electricity. With the rising cost of electricity, Natural Gas is by far the cheapest way to heat water, with Bosch hot water Adelaide systems among the most efficient.

The next thing to consider is storage tanks V continuous flow systems

Storage tanks have a pilot light burning all the time to ignite the burner when required using approximately $50 to $100 per year and they also have a thermostat which ensures that they keep the tank of water hot all the time. This means that as the tank looses temperature it fires up and heats the water all day and night , even when your not at home,  costing you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary running costs.

Don’t Buy a hot water system that you are going to be unhappy with for the next ten years – Don’t put yourself in a position that every time you have a shower your thinking I should have taken more time to make the right decision. Prevent those family arguments about running out of hot water / Temperature going hot and cold / high energy bills

The Solution

The alternative to a tank system is a gas hot water system, which is a small and compact unit providing you with endless hot water, as they will heat on demand as much hot water as you need and never run out.

Gas Continuous Flow systems don’t have a pilot light therefore saving on gas and unnecessary running costs, whereas tank systems have a pilot light on all the time. Gas Continuous Flow systems only heat the water you use, Tank systems heat unused water.

Starting to sound good isn’t it?

Gas Electronic Continuous Flow systems don’t need servicing

Tank systems need servicing and maintenance

Gas Continuous Flow systems are built to last 15 plus years , Tank systems are built to last 5-10 years

Gas Continuous Flow systems have a three year parts and labour warranty , tank systems only have a 1 year Parts and Labour

Gas Continuous Flow systems can have a digital control panel installed In your bathroom and you can set the exact temperature you shower at then only turn the hot tap on , No need to mix hot and cold.

This provides you with safe temperature and no more fluctuations in temperature and by selecting a low temperature from your control panel the gas burner is only coming on enough to heat the water to that temperature saving on running costs and extending the life of your appliance.


All of the Gas Continuous Flow systems are made to a very high quality and are tested prior to leaving the factory and  are  5+ star rated appliances saving on running costs and green house gas emissions.

Gas Continuous Flow Systems such as have a Bath fill allowing you to set the volume of water you want in your bath ,turn the hot tap on , once the selected volume has been reached the appliance will shut the water off , no need to watch over the bath as it fills. – Or use it as a water saver feature in the shower, saving on water and gas! Our plumbers adelaide can have one installed for you today.

Gas Continuous Flow hot water systems are energy efficient and environmentally friendly as an example a conventional electric storage hot water system produces seven tonnes of carbon emissions per year and a Gas Continuous Flow systems only produce 1.7tonnes they will Reduce green house gas emissions by up to 5.7 tonnes per year, the equivalent to taking one and a half cars a year of the road.

Key points

  • Endless hot water /Never run out
  • No Pilot save on gas
  • No tank only heat the water you use
  • No servicing
  • Long lasting
  • Long warranties
  • Temperature control
  • Safe
  • High quality
  • Energy efficient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Compact size
  • Able to supply hot water to 2 showers at the same time
  • Anti frost models
  • Solar compatible models
  • Bath fill option

Imagine having steaming hot water which will never run out / and at very low running cost by the time you get home tonight.